Wall Art – Specials On Sale

Posted by Fotograf Rod Meier on Feb 9, 2018 in Fine Art of Bondage

Wall Art – Specials On Sale

Get some stunning wall art of the “Fine Art of Bondage” photography project. We offer selected images now for a really special price and it will be shipped very fast through amazon warehouses in europe/USA.

Most offers are prints on canvas in 60x40cm (~ 16×24″) manufactured in europe. So take a look, you won´t get them so cheap again when they are sold out…

Artwork – Special Offers

Probably the best and most catchy rope bondage wall art you can get – and now for sale…

Sales page moved to our new web shop:

click here: Sales – Rod Meier Media Shop/Fine Art of Bondage

The Fine Art of Bondage photography project is made to produce awesome wall art for your home, office or e.g. strip clubs.
With images like these you have a perfect eye catcher at your wall.

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