Searching for the Perfect Orgasm

How to choose your sex toy:
Are you vaginal? opt for the vibrator. They are usually shaped like a large and elongated penis, and it is a sure hit if you want to emulate its sensation. Then you have to choose the size: they vary between 12 and 30 cm! Be careful not to be too sweet, as you can hurt yourself. In those cases, it is best to use lubricant. As for the material, you can choose between silicone, a hypoallergenic material that retains heat; gelatin, very flexible but not disinfected; or even in cyber skin, love clone or UR3, very similar to human skin.
Are you clitoral? opt for the mischievous animals… The most common, the vibrating duck. It will gently stimulate you and awaken your senses … In recent years, the most fashionable object in this regard is the G-spot vibrator, a double-branched toy to produce greater pleasure on the clitoris.
Are you both vaginal and clitoral? What you need is the Jack Rabbit, which Charlotte enjoyed so much in Sex and the City. A toy that caresses you both inside and outside, turns, undulates, is the star of sex toys and one of the most effective on the market. The G-spot vibrator is also a sure hit to stimulate the entire vagina and clitoris.
Do you like new sensations? Then maybe you can try some Chinese balls and use them at any time of the day or, why not, with an anal plug, to stimulate and dilate your back. If you like anal sex or want to try it, start here.