Free images – happy new year 2016

Posted by Fotograf Rod Meier on Dec 29, 2015 in Fine Art of Bondage

happy, thrilling new year 2016 – free images/download

Some of my bondage images free to use and share! Just credit your copy with a backlink to or one of my social media accounts like twitter, facebook, instagram, pinterest, tumblr, google+ or youtube…

small preview – below are bigger images!

2016 – the year of rope!

The photo art book is not finished yet. I´m late, but there are some good reasons: Due to the mindblowing reach of the sample images, some really great models from UK, switzerland and germany asked me to get in the book….
So I decided to tie them in january 2016 and the book will be released hopefully in february/march 2016.
Until now it was a pleasure for me to get in worldwide contact with so much models, photographers and fans of this kind of art – especially people having nothing to do with ropes, bondage or bdsm commented , shared or wrote me. I never had such a great response with other projects – thank you all!

2016 will be the year of rope art – with tons of stunning images!

Free images for you to share!

Copy the images, post, share, usw them for free! But please be fair and give credit like a link to this homepage or the above social media accounts. I already saw a lot of copies of my images everywhere in the web with removed logos and no name or something. I know that I can do almost nothing against it, but it´s not nice to see such things…

Right click to download the “Happy, thrilling new year 2016” graphics! Have fun! …fun with ropes 🙂

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